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Welcome to Pathtraker

Decedent and Donor Management Software

Decedent and donor management software for clinical, educational, and law enforcement settings. Pathtraker core functionality focusing on service levels and staff safety requirements surrounding the management of decedent remains.

Why Pathtraker?​



Applies HIPAA compliant smart technology and reduces risk for end users


Quality of Care

Transforms the management of decedents in the clinical setting



Ensures proper treatment of patient remains and property

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Pathtraker Functions

Pathtraker modules create a core functionality focused on staff safety, decedent respect, and detailed reporting

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Pathtraker and the COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 has highlighted the need for a controlled, process driven, decedent management procedure based on standardized protocols and real-time reporting. Pathtraker provides an integrated solution addressing this need with modules for decedent management, decedent property management, autopsy information, and death certificate tracking, and overall functionality to create a single record for each decedent within the morgue setting.

HIPAA and Security

Pathtraker ensures the highest level of security and compliance, adhering to HIPAA regulations. Built on the robust platform, Pathtraker leverages the Shield Platform from to manage HIPAA requirements. Our comprehensive security features include Platform Encryption, Real-Time Event Monitoring, and Field Audit Trail, all integral to Pathtraker's HIPAA compliance management.

In addition to HIPAA compliance, Pathtraker undergoes SOC 2 Type 2 assessments to validate effective controls and safeguards, ensuring the protection of customer data and meeting stringent security and compliance standards. The Pathtraker cloud platform is also HITRUST and ISO certified, providing further assurance of our commitment to security. 

For more detailed documentation, available upon completion of confidentiality agreements, or to schedule a meeting on Pathtraker security, please request a meeting and Click the Schedule Now.


Everything you need to manage decedents safely and respectfully

Pathtraker Core Package

Pathtraker exceeds HIPAA compliance and is a cloud-based software. 

  • Full workflow 

  • Desktop and mobile 

  • HIPAA compliant

  • Cloud based

  • Scalable solution

  • Multi location

  • 24/7 support

  • SOC 2 Securit

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions below.

  • How does Pathtraker work?
    Pathtraker is a cloud-based decedent management platform that applies SmartMorgue™ Safe Patient Handling software to control the decedent management process in the morgue setting.   
  • How does Pathtraker track the decedent? 
    Pathtraker assigns a unique identification number to each decedent which is translated into a barcode label that is placed on the decedent body bag and/or toe-tag, the decedent property, and morgue log.
  •  How is a decedent inputed into Pathtraker? 
    Upon arrival at the morgue the end user logs into Pathtraker and inputs the decedent information.
  • How is a decedent removed from the facility?  
    The facility representative or the third party, if they are a user on the Pathtraker system, logs into Pathtraker and, using the bar code scanner, scans the barcode on the decedent and completes the checkout (removal) process from Pathtraker.  This updates the morgue census and initiates the automated reporting from Pathtraker to the end user on the system.
  • Does Pathtraker integrate with the facility records office managing death certificates? 
    Yes, Pathtraker integrates with the records department managing death certificates.  
  • What is meant by the term SmartMorgue™?
    Historically, the decedent management process has been a manual, paper-driven process prone to quality control errors, safe patient handling injuries, loss of decedent property, or worse. Pathtraker transforms this process to a SmartMorgue™ where decedent tracking, decedent property, autopsy details, and the overall decedent record are stored in perpetuity. 
  •   SmartMorgue™ Safe Patient Handling Algorithm?
    Pathtraker contains a built-in algorithm that “knows” your facility’s morgue.  The system knows the morgue capacity for each system, knows the number of standard decedent locations and knows the number of bariatric decedent locations.  This is all done through the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI).  The PathtrakerSmartMorgueTM Safe Patient Handling Algorithm assigns a morgue location to each decedent based on weight. The assignment is based on safe patient handling best practices. 
  • What is the Pathtraker Property Management function?  
    Pathtraker associates personal property with each decedent record, prints out a bar code to physically attach to decedent property, and tracks inventory of both valuable and personal property.
  • Where are a decedent's valuables stored?  
    The location of decedent property is denoted by article and location, so if a portion of decedent property is located in the morgue and a separate portion is stored in security, the system knows where each article is.
  • Is there tracking for decedent property that relates to the decedent record?  
    Yes. The same bar code that tracks the decedent relates to the decedent’s personal property.  If property is stored in multiple locations (clothing vs. valuables), a Pathtraker label printer is located in each area and when decedent property is stored, the system will send a tracking label to both locations. 
  • What is Pathtraker autopsy tracking? 
    Pathtraker monitors each occurrence of autopsy and associates the procedure details with the decedent record.  
  • Does Pathtraker manage the autopsy procedure?
    At present, Pathtraker tracks the occurrence of autopsy and allows for the specific report to be associate with the decedent record.  
  • What is Pathtraker video monitoring?  
    Pathtraker video monitoring is an additional module that can be purchased in conjunction with Pathtraker.  This module creates a video record of the decedent insertion and removal process and associates this recording with the decedent record.    
  •  How does Pathtraker report? 
    Pathtraker is a smart application and comes with standardized reporting that addresses all areas of functionality and reports all data to designated users. 
  •  Does Pathtraker send email and/or text notifications to end users?  
    Yes, Pathtraker does have report notifications.  For example, the Pathtraker Morgue Census Report provides all facility users with a real-time report regarding how many decedents are currently in the morgue.  Additional reports are pre-configured for all software modules and functions.
  • What are Pathtraker Standard Reports?
    Pathtraker’s standard reports address each module of functionality. During implementation, the Pathtraker team configures the standard email and SMS notifications, as well as any custom reports the facility requires.  
  • Can Pathtraker offer customized reports?  
    Yes, Pathtraker can report on any aspect of the data set. 
  •  How does Pathtraker manage historic data?
    Pathtraker does not delete data.  All data is permanent. 
  • Does Pathtraker require specific hardware? 
    Pathtraker is cloud-based and there is no specific hardware required. However, Pathtraker was designed for use in a morgue setting, which is often a small, contained setting. Therefore, one Pathtraker Workstation is recommended for each  Pathtraker Site.   
  • What is the Pathtraker Workstation? 
    The Pathtraker Workstation is a mobile workstation designed specifically for use in morgue. The mobile workstation includes the recommended hardware to access, print labels, and use the Pathtraker system in the morgue setting. 
  • How does licensing work?
     The basic  Pathtraker package is location-based.  This is defined as a “Site License” where a location is defined as a single “site”.  So, a single Pathtraker license is required for a hospital or medical examiner location.  A  Pathtraker Site license can cover multiple morgue locations at each facility location.  The  Pathtraker Site licenses includes a fixed number of Seat or User licenses. 
  • How many Seat Licenses are included with each Site License?
    Each Site Licenses includes one Administrative User, three Reporting Users, and six Standard Users.   
  •  What authority does each user license have? 
    The Administrative User is the admin for that location.  The Reporting Users can customize reports.  The Standard Users are end user licenses.   
  • Can we purchase additional licenses?
    Yes, additional licenses can be purchased. 
  • Can third parties, such as funeral homes or medical examiners, be users on the  Pathtraker system? 
    Yes, third parties can be users, and this is recommended when the third-party vendor is interacting with the facility on an extensive basis.  For example, a funeral home having a user license allows the facility to track which funeral home is involved in the decedent pick up and which staff member from that vendor took part.
  • How is Pathtraker set up?
    Pathtraker is a cloud-based application, built on the Customer 360 Platform.  When a customer signs a Pathtraker contract, the application is provisioned, the user licenses are set up, and the application deployment and training process is initiated.  
  • What is the Pathtraker deployment and training process? 
    After the contract is in place, user licenses are provisioned and the user roles assigned. Once this step is complete, training begins. The deployment of enterprise software in any healthcare setting requires planning, testing, and training – the deployment and training process addresses this need. 
  •  What are the steps related to the Pathtraker planning, testing, and training process? 
    The Pathtraker team and the facility point of contact or project manager complete the Pathtraker implementation plan.  This addresses the basic information pertaining to the facility required to deploy Pathtraker. Once the plan is complete the application is ready for testing.  The testing process is part of training but precedes broader user training. Each facility workflow is slightly different, and the testing step accounts for these differences. The training step is the last process and involves end user training based on the number of seat licenses available to the customer site.  
  • Does Pathtraker integrate with Epic?  
    The Pathtraker Epic integration will be complete mid-year 2022. The integration with Epic will initiate the decedent management process prior to the decedent’s arrival in the morgue and will increase the integration and SmartMorgue™ awareness across the facility.  
  • Does Pathtraker integrate with Cerner? 
    The Pathtraker Cerner integration will be complete mid-year 2022.  The integration with Epic will initiate the decedent management process prior to the decedent’s arrival in the morgue and will increase the integration and SmartMorgue™ awareness across the facility. 
  • Does Pathtraker have a mobile version?  
    Yes, the full application can be accessed and used from any web browser on any tablet or mobile phone.  
  • Does Pathtraker have an app?  
    Pathtraker’s mobile application will be released in 2023 and will be a fully functional version of the Pathtraker application.

News, Updates, and Best Practices

Pathtraker news, product offerings, and tips for best practices.

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