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Transforming Donor Management

Pathtraker Education 

Pathtraker supports donor program management for medical education and anatomic gift programs.


Pathtraker ensures the safety and compliance of staff while upholding the dignity and respect of donated bodies, with robust reporting and donor location tracking.


Tailored for educational institutions, Pathtraker is HIPAA-compliant cloud-based software tailored for educational anatomic gift programs.

Pathtraker provides standardized management of donated bodies through any approved desktop or mobile device. Key donor management features of Pathtraker include:

  • Inquiry and Relationship Management

  • Standardized Enrollment Management

  • Intake and Processing

  • Usage Plan by Donor​​​​​

  • Donor Tracking by Location

  • Specimen and Disarticulation Tracking (with optional RFID tracking)

  • Donor Reunification and Resolution

  • Fully HIPAA Compliant

  • Application: SOC 2 Security


Pathtraker’s functionality supports quality control, compliance, and best practices.  Download the Pathtraker Education data sheet. 


Pathtraker Education Workflow

Donor Management

Manage initial donor inquiries, ongoing communication, documentation, contracting, medical history, and ongoing communication

Donor Intake

Coordinate initial donor related logistics, arrival processing, preparation, and storage

Donor Usage Plans

Establish individual donor usage plans for planning, optimal utilization, and ongoing updates

Donor Location Tracking

From the time a donor arrives through final resolution track donor location using built in functionality or optional RFID


Manage the donor disarticulation process, assure that donor/specimen elements remain related to the donor record while allowing for multi location usage

Reunification and Resolution

Manage the donor reunification process without disarticulation and process final donor resolution with confidence

The Pathtraker Education Modules

Tailored for educational institutions, Pathtraker addresses every aspect of the anatomic gift program management process, providing a comprehensive solution for medical schools and anatomic gift programs.

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Pathtraker in Action

See how Pathtraker transforms decedent management

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Medical Team

Pathtraker Demo

Pathtraker prioritizes staff safety and quality of care. The integrated modules address safe patient handling, property inventory, autopsy tracking, and morgue census with live reports available 24/7. 

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See how Pathtraker transforms decedent management

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