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Transforming Research Speciment

Medical Record Analysis

Pathtraker Research

Pathtraker revolutionizes research specimen tracking in animal research settings, ensuring meticulous management and compliance with all relevant standards and regulations.

Pathtraker enhances staff safety and operational efficiency, optimizing the handling and tracking of research specimens.

Tailored specifically for animal research, Pathtraker addresses every aspect of the research specimen management workflow.

Cloud-based and highly secure, Pathtraker provides a standardized process accessible via any approved desktop or mobile device, featuring:

  • Specimen login/removal

  • Real-time specimen census

  • Specimen property and evidence tracking

  • Research procedure tracking

  • Integration with research information management systems

  • Robust reporting

Pathtraker also includes a patented integrated algorithm that manages specimen locations within the research facility by weight, improving staff safety and delivering comprehensive reports to all stakeholders on specimen population status.

The Pathtraker Modules

Pathtraker eliminates user error in the management of decedents by reducing manual processes and providing redundant tracking functionality with bar code labels unique to each decedent, their property, and the morgue log.

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Pathtraker in Action

See how Pathtraker transforms decedent management

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Medical Team

Pathtraker Workflow

Check In

End users log in, enter decedent information, create a patient record, and labels are printed and applied.

Safe Patient Handling

The Pathtraker engine applies smart logic directing the end user to the safest location to store the decedent.


Autopsy procedures are tracked and reported on.


Decedent removal requires bar code scan and end user signature. The system notes if property is removed.

Morgue Census Update

Pathtraker creates a real-time population update with related reporting that is sent out to the end user team.

Reports and Notifications

Decedent removal requires bar code scan and end user signature. The system notes if property is removed.


Pathtraker Demo

Pathtraker prioritizes staff safety and quality of care. The integrated modules address safe patient handling, property inventory, autopsy tracking, and morgue census with live reports available 24/7. 

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See how Pathtraker transforms decedent management

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